Submit Cryptoart


Submissions are closed. Thanks to all artists who tokenized during the Festival and sent us their art for display!

Cryptoartathon was originally conceived as a venue with artists coming together in a physical space and creating cryptoart works during the 48Hours Neukölln Festival 2020 in Berlin.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic the festival is taking place. However Cryptoartathon has been converted into a mostly virtual event.

In the spirit of the creative spontaneity we wished to have fostered at the event the submission notice is very short and has very time sensitive requirements. We want to be as inclusive as possible but we do have certain criteria to adhere to so please take the time to read the information provided.


– Only ONE link per artist. If you send more we will consider only the first one.
– The date of the tokenisation MUST be between Friday, June 19th and Sunday, June 21st.
– Space is in a first come basis, so when our walls are full we will stop accepting submissions.

Very much looking forward to your submissions and including you in this experience.

Cryptoartahon People